What is Grace?

I met Beverley at Valdosta State University during our graduate program. Her fiery but caring personality immediately gave me “someone’s auntie” vibes, and I always felt safe in her presence. It was such a pleasure getting to know her as a therapist, a Soror and a person. She is absolutely amazing. This is Beverley.

Grace is knowing when you are arrived at, “Enough is enough.”

Giving grace is the most priceless gift you can give yourself when no one is handing you the benefit of space and time. It’s taken me a long time to realize that attempting to hand the responsibility of protecting my peace was a mismanagement of duties. 

Attempting to hand the responsibility of protecting my peace was a mismanagement of duties. 

I didn’t want to carry the perceived burden of maintaining my boundaries, so I made several attempts to cast it off… at times unsuspectingly, and unsuccessfully. Why? Because I doubted my level of strength required to admit that I needed help. Grace reminds you to operate in complete submission to the honest realities. How can I exercise extending grace to myself or others, if I fail to acknowledge and accept the circumstance that is requiring it?

Through my various stages or life, extending grace has become a way I show myself love. I choose to move in a way that highlights that my wellbeing is my number one priority. The sum of who I am is only as good as my ability to be gracious enough, to know when I am close to depletion, and it is well over due that I self-restore. 

Beverley Andre is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, CEO/Founder of BeHeart Counseling Services, and blog creator of, Your Favorite MFT. Helping Black and Brown women redefine “HAVING. IT. ALL” is Beverley’s ultimate mission in life. She believes that women are the experts of their own lives, and wants to help them leverage this by highlighting their strengths, and teaching them the necessary skills to help curate their desired life experience. Instead of leaving their futures up to chance, she challenges Black and Brown women to put in the work towards editing the parts of their stories, hindering them from living their best lives. 

Instagram Handle: @YourFavoriteMFT & @BeHeartCounseling 

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