source - amanda wattersGrace; a small word with unlimited possibilities. Flowing through every aspect of the human experience, grace provides us with an opportunity to create space for more. For some, that is felt in the spiritual realm and through communication with their higher power. For others, it’s the acknowledgment of the strife of others and the chance to express gratitude for their own journey.  Grace allows us to find the silver lining in even the most questionable of times. It gives us the strength to forgive and to press on.

I  created this blog to celebrate grace in a way that I hope will be transformative for us all. To that end, I have invited others to share their stories with us. My hope is that this will be a safe space for us all, where we can cultivate healing and understanding. Awakening; the revival of a spirit. To be awakened is to be aware of a fresh perspective. Our awakening begins now, in this moment and time, reading this sentence. Insight, also known as discernment, encompasses the lessons that we can learn from one another in this space. To most, that would be the blog portion of this site. To us, it will be confirmation and realization of being a part of something bigger than ourselves. True wisdom comes from always remaining open to being a student. Here, wisdom will be collective. It will be shared snippets of our individual experiences. Typically, this type of wisdom comes to me in the form of words or images. I eagerly await the lessons of strength I will learn from you all. This brings us to our resolve. This is our call to action, our “still I rise” moments of triumph. After a storm comes the sun. In this space, it will be our pleasure to bask in the sun with you.

I  honor each soul that enters this space. It takes a great deal of bravery to sit in vulnerability the way that each of you are at this very moment. As you go through these pages and the stories that they hold, I hope that you find what you need. Remember that digging deeper can be painful, and growth does take time. But every progression brings something you didn’t have. Be gentle with yourself and trust the process. And above all, remember that you are not alone; we’ve got you.